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Cine este Mary P?

LIVE!           24/04/2021        Ora 18:00        Teatrul MERLIN

Următoarele evenimente

Cine este Mary P?

Regia: Alexandru Mihăiescu
70min | PG
18:00, APR 24, 2021

Stage ON


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What we see is what you get. Translating from the language of vision to the language of perception, the quality of the act is vital. We Adrian Danciu, Cristian Ilea, Rafael Vasilcin, Lucian Ciorba, Zsolt Tamasi, Olipiu Vuia know that you know: to be critical, to ask for the best angle and consume quality. We know how to deliver that.

In 100 years of accumulated experience in filming around the world, Stage ON team faces the future, understanding the alchemy of technology. We  take play seriously. Since 2020.

If you want to stream your art live, we’re here to hear your story and transmit it world wide. 

Our cameras, your access to the world.